Ningmei Guo Yan customer value leadership Tmall double eleven day jiemiansha

dual eleven simply online procurement section? This play has been played for many years, it is time to change a wave, especially for love new things are boring game player, play can not meet their appetite. The ten Ningmei Guo line, line and the linkage of Carnival Party plan to start, to watch the live feast enjoy premium online purchase discount, Ningmei Guo is upright.

double eleven live the same day Show: Shen Mengchen, Chrissie Chau want to grab the customer’s job?

in the double eleven day, Ning Mei country to serve on the game player online and offline linkage broadcast network broadcast, feast feast, red star of the LOL marine water friendly match, show CosPlay activity especially exciting, not to the scene never mind through panda TV studio, you can direct the scene (room number: 494703).


evening time, the United States and the United States suddenly disappeared customer service, eleven no customer service line, and quickly find someone in the class. The original customer service can also be so high Yan, Shen Mengchen, Chrissie Chau raid scene, the scene of fans and fans will be linked to the activities of the climax. Do not care about the high Yan value, a wave of affordable benefits will be accompanied by Shen Mengchen, along with the arrival of the Chrissie Chau, the scene will be out of the prize, the signature host free of charge. In front of the computer fans do not cry, who said only to the scene before the opportunity to face with the goddess, pick up the phone into the site customer service, and the goddess of intimate contact with the opportunity to ask you do not want to?

finish the line under the Show you still have the task: enjoy live enjoy online discount

watched the live, you have a daunting task, do not just look at the beauty, online double eleven day can have the opportunity to take advantage of cheap. In addition to the party, to participate in activities in the pre-sale period of Ningmei Guo, also with VR, TV, game handle and other gifts, the different denominations of cash vouchers to get soft, if the purchase plan, remember to make an appointment in advance, only 1 seconds to make money is not added, is the ratio of housing prices rose much faster. Don’t bully "honest", this proverb does not apply to the double eleven Carnival electricity supplier, the United States is waiting for you to come straight Ning "bargain".

multi community interaction: a lot of opportunities to participate doubled

in addition to store activities and live events, the United States has prepared a new media, new gameplay. Subway bored to work time? Come up with a cell phone, maybe the next lucky is you. From 10.18 to 11.13, respectively Ningmei Guo will interact in the Baidu Post Bar, lemon powder club, micro-blog, WeChat, and other public officials involved in the multi platform, as long as have a chance to get the iPhone 7 mobile phone, game consoles and other star signature.

any place at any time to grab a good gift "bully" rather than the United States country


Ning United States official flagship store link: Spm=a>

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