Website promotion is not only SEO

is now in the state, SEO industry has been more and more recognized, SEO more and more respected by the people. In the network marketing promotion, the proportion of SEO is also growing. However, because of this phenomenon, we often put the promotion with SEO to take up the equivalent.

promotion personnel SEO thinking too serious

have to say is now engaged in the promotion of the staff to do the basic work is divided into two kinds, a kind of station optimization, a kind of stand outside promotion, and stand outside promotion commonly known as just (outside chain member). They use black hat tactics, or white hat technique to achieve a web site in the search engine ranking, so as to achieve the purpose of. However, in the search engine algorithm has been changed today, we can not determine their site on the search engine life and death. Moreover, in the case of the chain to promote more and more narrow road, the site is necessary to promote the promotion of a change. The following author to introduce their two kinds of promotion is not only SEO.

a, Baidu library

I do not know the link above the library is not considered a kind of chain, because the library is indeed included, and domain own domain name, but also can find their own chain. But it seems that there is no effect on the promotion of keywords. But for the user’s perception, the site’s visit has improved significantly. As shown in the following figure

library or by browsing, or download, we insert LOGO, we should promote our keywords of the anchor text and website in the library header link. We do not have any effect on the promotion of search engines, but we played a different kind of publicity.

two, micro-blog marketing

lovelorn 33 days is a small investment in millions of dollars of urban love movies, but achieved a box office miracle – Online cumulative box office income of around $344 million. Its success was attributed to the micro-blog marketing". For example, we have to search the star micro-blog forward advertising price

these clearly tell us the effect of micro-blog marketing, but how to do micro-blog promotion. The first thing to do special topics such as micro-blog, micro-blog can do special supernatural events, a special type of funny or micro-blog, micro-blog and so on is rational. In short, you are not a star, you have to have their own characteristics. Second, we must be willing to pay attention to others, unknown words, even if you are gold, in the closed forest, and an ordinary stone. So be willing to pay attention to others, thus causing concern.

is the author of more frequent operation of the website promotion methods, and no life staring at the SEO promotion methods do not put, not all the egg placed in a box. This paper consists of a bar code printer feeds, reproduced please keep the source, thank you.

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