How to join the city website development

with the development of China’s economy, the proportion of service industry in the national economy is growing, the number of urban merchants is increasing rapidly. 2006, China’s catering industry retail sales exceeded trillion, an increase of 05 over the same period of 17.4% (source: China Cuisine Association). Aspects of urban life, such as leisure, fitness, beauty, life services, such as eating, drinking, playing, music, clothing, food, housing, travel and other areas, the market capacity is far greater than the share.

With the improvement of people’s living standard, people’s consumption habits tend to be more rational, and the demand for rapid and accurate information on urban consumption is becoming more and more intense.

. For the majority of businesses, they do not have their own website, how to use the network to promote, how to build a brand on the network will become a problem. For these businesses to provide network promotion services, there is no doubt that there is a huge market space.

most of the current Internet companies in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou and other developed cities, while positioning the site to the national. It is because of this to the country’s large and full web site, many localized markets, especially small and medium cities users are ignored.

many local users, especially small and medium-sized city users, with local consumption habits and specific needs, a national website may not be able to meet the local needs of users, but the small and medium-sized city this user can not be ignored users. To provide services to small and medium cities users, Internet companies to improve their market penetration, and better provide a means of landing service. Therefore, we believe that China life through the network, the localization of the site will be the next focus of Internet enterprise development.

real localization site has two obvious advantages: first, the localization site to understand the local consumption habits and specific needs; two, have good interpersonal relationships, better service and local enterprises. Therefore, localization sites, such as local portals, for investors, is an investment opportunity. For the national site, with the localization of the site, is a means to rapidly improve their user penetration, is a strategy to quickly enter the local market.

is a professional consumer information service website. Life through the use of the network platform and call center is the combination of business model, set catering, entertainment, shopping and living services in four major areas in a city of consumer information, provides the query, comments, booking, discount and other integrated consumer information service for consumers.

as a consumer information platform, through life has many businesses and information are increasing in number, we will arrange information classification of businesses, through the use of life through the creation of independent shops home to show in front of members, our information is very detailed and comprehensive cover. For example, food and beverage, from the characteristics of the service, the atmosphere of the environment, the consumer object, the size of the business, per capita consumption, geographic location, map labeling, traffic routes, as well as user ratings, dining reviews, etc.. And be able to release the merchant’s three-dimensional panorama, the environment

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