The true monologue of a super rich

Wall Street Telecommunications ( Zhuangao:   the Chinese, of course I regarded as a super rich. Wealth is not as good as Li Jiacheng, Henry Fok predecessors, but no less than their scenery. I have a huge deposit, luxury villas, Mercedes BMW, harem, or the local people’s congress…… Where do I, local officials are greeted, although not reverent and respectful, is a big city lined up, then the people’s Liberation Army into the city of feeling. Every year I have to arrange a holiday abroad, what Hawaii, Paris I heard some bored, foreign fashion space tourism, I look forward to this day, to become the first to China space tourism tycoons. It is a great honour to live on this! But I am not young, a few years may have to retreat. I was a part of the people get rich, now pay attention to society, I want to let more people like me rich. As the saying goes to teach a man to fish as delegate to the network, I arena decades temper riches unique cheats known to the public, the white in the world, let more people enjoy the joy of success. Especially those who are struggling in the market and can’t see the future of young people, come, I show you a bright future for the shortcut. Please do not worry, this is not required a lot of investment cheats, without a high level can be mastered, can have a high school education.  

to you Wall Street Telecommunications ( on the psychological course of readers. Do three things to be afraid of". That is not afraid of divorce, afraid of jail, not afraid of death. People living in the world, have to do something. Don’t say too with vigour and vitality, glorify and illuminate the ancestors respected, their families. Do anything to suffer a tough game. To say that "the day will jarril down to the great man also, must suffer the labor of their bones, their body skin hunger, depletion of their body, it is OK Fu chaos," said to custom is not only saw the robber to eat meat, saw the robber beaten. Therefore, those who fear the wolf in front of generation, don’t listen to my class, you go to eat for a lifetime of radish pickles to go, what to do or what; listen to my class must want to do a big business man, you must do more than three are not afraid, if you do it. You have the psychological relations, is a plastic material, with a big temperament and boldness. "Three not" simple, I no longer. Please your notebook, listen, I remember the word for word and sentence for sentence to ten unique rich cheats, from now on, we will change your humble dark life.  

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