How to get the public number of the original declaration of the protection function to open the invi

these days, there are a large number of WeChat public received the official invitation opened the original protection function, but there are a lot of people and indignant because there is no receipt of official invitation, do not know the official invitation based on what the rules issued, resulting in all the original silent update of the original many have not received the invitation, and no the original article released a public number, but received a WeChat official protection of the original invitation, this let a person really fantastic, do not know the official invitation rules in the end is how to produce.

let’s take a look at the official invitation rules


1, must be a subscription number. Individuals and business types can be applied, the type of enterprise to have WeChat certification.

2, public number registration and operation time of more than 1 years, has a long-term and long-term operational planning.

3, the number of articles of the original public more than 80%, the number of articles published last month reached a total of 4 articles.

4, the public no violation of the relevant records. (such as plagiarism, infringement, induced sharing, fraud and other irregularities)

5, individuals or enterprises for the public number of the original article has certain requirements. WeChat public platform for the original protection function has a certain understanding.

next we take a look at the first two days of Qingdao WeChat open class invitation rules issued

January 22, 2015 WeChat on-line original statement function, which is also the first step in the protection of the original. April online, in the issuance of the original protection invitation, followed by the invitation of opening original logo, comment, appreciation, page template, articles within the chain, custom voice upload, reprint the original statement automatically replace the original article content, automatically add article reprint source, which is to protect the original protection measures the gradual development of the oh.

WeChat released today said that the future will be added in the original pay to read protection (early original) and advertising (tilt 10 thousand fans threshold, the advertising price increase), weighted search (search ranking), quick attention and original storage and other incentives.


summed up, WeChat original protection will have the following 11 measures:

original logo: original articles in the original statement after the success of the WeChat public platform will add "original" logo;

appreciation: a public number for the original statement of the article, keep the original frequency and activity, can open "accept the users, users read articles voluntarily to the public, a certain amount of appreciation.

comments: open WeChat certified public number can add the function module in WeChat background, can display the user comments, the number of public operators can directly interact with the user;


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