Six years do not take a point of financing by word of mouth how to play home improvement

enterprise is a heavy asset, a family of six years do not take home financing platform and how to survive? The day before, together with the decoration network founder Huang Jie dialogue billion state power network, the company’s business secrets revealed.

decoration network founder Huang Jie

six years do not take financing purely by word of mouth?

billion state power network to understand, together with the decoration network was established in 2009, but until the end of last year, the company has just received a $200 million A round of financing. In the aspect of capital today, Huang Jie is how to adhere to without a penny in the 6 years of


decoration thing is to rely on the user service system, the user management system and the management system of suppliers and so on, only these do in place, when the funds come in expansion will be fast, otherwise useless." Huang Jie was born in the media, after the Sohu focus Home Furnishing field for many years, natural feel this inside the doorway. In his view, the reason for the choice of cut decoration, the main reason is that too much pain in this industry, the player is not yet scale, still have more room to rise.

And in the

billion state power network in the dialogue, word of mouth is a word that Huang Jie repeatedly stressed. According to him, together with the decoration net no reason for the delay in financing, except the high execution team, is a high security service system, firmly grasp the transaction right to speak, "we have a very clear user value." Suppliers of products out of the question, together with the decoration network will recall all orders, the first payment of consumers, through the system and a high degree of responsibility for the full protection of the user. Six years adhere to the day is the owner of the day, the market does not forget the complexity of the home market in mind, today, a large number of owners from a steady stream of reputation, good reputation of the City owners introduced more than 50%.


will become the development trend of

Home Internet

Huang Jie said that the secret lies in the operation of the decoration network to the user label, over the past three years or so, we did not spend much time in front of the site, in the background of the work of information technology is very large." Through independent research and development of CRM system and SOP management system, the user’s needs, budget, apartment layout style is reduced to figurative adjectives, then according to the user generated tags after the payment of the deposit intention to order, the user can participate in group purchase.

At present,

decoration mesh together the main business can be divided into material and furniture, with beauty, group purchase 677 super 377 home, send a single, juke through to send a single, which beauty and super selection will gradually become the pillar of the company’s business.

Huang Jie said, in addition to already launched ready packages and 377/ square meters 677/ square meters of the main material packages, selected according to the user demand, will not regularly replace the package content, this is the decoration mesh together in 2016 will focus on promoting.

Huang Jie analysis, there are three main points of the user decoration: price uncertainty, the complexity of the process and the construction quality

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