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the past two years whether Web2.0 or SNS are very fire, think about why this business the application has so many users today; this kind of dating community, or the social network is how to make money? How to bring new applications to Internet marketing.

social networking portal compared to industrial upgrading

is currently in Alexa (with Alexa ranking data see the top ten websites which have several similar sites, sixth Myspace, eighth Orkur, Orku is a dating community under Google, fifth is Windows  Live.; see Alexa ranked 20, like blogs, dating sites 6. Therefore, from the perspective of the development of the world, social is indeed a great application, which is contrary to many people’s expectations. As early as two years ago, Murdoch acquired Myspace $580 million, we all feel that the founder of Myspace is a good sell a good price, the merger was named the world’s best mergers and acquisitions last year.

social network portal portal is compared to industrial upgrading, such as Sina, Sohu to meet the more convenient access to information, access to information through newspapers, television before, now through Sina because of faster browsing but also very convenient, it is also very wide. SNS to meet the social needs, because in it with your classmates, your good friends, can meet some new friends, which also meet many emotional needs, such as you send a photo, or in the group send a post, a lot of people keep abreast, a lot of people say your opinion is very insightful, some people say that your pictures are very good, you are said the diary is very touching, it can meet the demand and respect for the realization of individual value demand.

social network can hunt to very young users

for young users, many of them in the game, use the QQ video chat, a lot of people watching movies, a lot of people to read novels, now more and more people are using similar 51.COM such a social tool, such as a social network to communicate with friends and friends. This part of the user almost do not read newspapers, rarely watch TV, nor on the four major portals, so there is a strange group, this group of similar we such social networks to hunt, which for many FMCG is a very good thing.

users and revenue growth in this market, iResearch data, said more than 70 million users in 2007, in fact, far more than. SNS has the characteristics of new media, the traditional portal website by human editors have lots of good stuff for people to watch, Sina blog, before Xu Jinglei’s article, Beijing Xu Jinglei manuscripts, Xu Jinglei appeared in the Youth Daily, Sina later reprinted, now Xu Jinglei himself in the Sina blog, for the audience see, Xu Jinglei is still in it, or similar to the broadcast media, it has changed from the contents of the way.

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