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Ding Jianjun, there are a few days to travel around China, and he did something I dare to do but dare not do. We met at the annual meeting of the loose brothers, who traveled around China in March and did interviews while traveling.

Ding Jianjun did an interview for my

weekend, the current popular media, pay circle, blog operations I have published their views, and finally he asked me to give him some advice, I said carefully written your journey, don’t do interviews, do not even talk to engage in network marketing the.

is the following interview:

2: the development of Lu Songsong’s blog you may have heard, please talk to us about brother again loose loose how blog developed here? In the comment on the promotion of the time, one day need to spend long time to do this thing?

Lu Songsong: as a website from the beginning of 0, we have to do a few years ago, I have been aware of the promotion of comments, but if you want to operate a good website, alone on this certainly not.

is the first change in the idea, the original technical background, behind the operation is done, the operation of the site, then more attention is the promotion from the inside out, not the technology itself. Operation site is about "people-oriented" rather than SEO, promotion. Serve the people well. Naturally there is a flow.

a lot of new people is the biggest mistake SEO look too heavy, and often ignore the traffic behind the people.

on the promotion, there are 6 main aspects, I simply say:

1: QQ group promotion (initially there are only 3 people in the design of the QQ group, there are design articles, it will be shared in the group, then different articles in different groups to share)

2: Links (a new site I and they link exchange request, as long as sincere tone, most of the owners would agree, even if some do not agree, he will remember you, he still has a chance to swap Links)

3: soft Wen promotion, the article published to the relevant web site (I often write some readable articles, to each site, this is also one of the main means of promotion blog)

4: submit the site to the navigation station, directory station.

5: to publish their own works on the Internet free of charge to share (I have produced some free software, and then bundled in the software on the blog address)

6: incisive comments.

in fact, all these methods are known, but few people can perform


3: some people say that the individual owners of the era is lonely, the PC side of the site has no what big brother in the future, loose you is how to look at the


Lu Songsong: the more people who do independent websites now

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