How to do hunger marketing QQ space

we all know the concept of hunger marketing, but we use the hunger marketing to our Internet, we may not understand. In fact, our internet marketing and promotion of marketing under the traditional line is almost the same, no change soup. Today I want to talk to you about the hunger of the QQ space marketing, this is mainly for our content and the fans, so that we have advantages and disadvantages.

first: for our disadvantages

everything is There are both advantages and disadvantages. for us, this is before we do need a good grasp of their own, to see that he is not fit to do. But everything is necessary for us to practice, if we do not practice, then we do not know this method is not suitable for us. Before the hunger marketing we must need a certain amount of fans, otherwise we’d only take this number to death. We may have been hungry marketing, take us around the most simple, we know that the United States and the United States, in different cities to do his promotion is not the same. You can start is preferential in online orders, but slowly his need to download the APP can give preferential discount, this amount is not the same in every city, there may be over ten by 3 or 4, this is quite a bargain, but slowly when their users have a certain amount of time, he choose to send the soda, slowly became the direct online ordering, what is there preferential.

this may be someone will ask for them, this is not a user will be greatly reduced? My answer is reduced after some users, but these users are loyal users for them, U.S. has produced dependence, is essential in life, those who do not have the user what they need so say this for them is not what effect.

we do the same hunger marketing QQ space is also the case, we need to have a certain amount of fans, we do is the popularity of space, we do what they like. We found that often give us comments and messages, these are our loyal fans. Before we may send a few words every day, but we can combine the hunger marketing, every day so that the two or three words, so that they feel that this is very valuable. Because before we are few, and now suddenly only 2, it is very rare, this will be less a most of the fans, because we do not have in their hospital so much about their daily updates will be canceled on our attention. But we are left to have a sense of dependence, we must look at the space every day will feel comfortable. In fact, we now have 80% of the people have a sense of dependence, so we need to look at the space every day, if you do not look at that day will feel uncomfortable.

second: for our benefit

The good thing about

is that it can reduce our workload and

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