Discussion on how to do network marketing in traditional enterprises

this is actually a problem of a commonplace talk of an old scholar in the domestic marketing network at present, although the speculation of some enterprises have a raise a Babel of criticism of, the first pot of gold from the network marketing, there are also many companies are now marketing network around the door, want to go, I do not know how to enter, and shilly-shally, in the years since the operation of traditional enterprises the site’s experience, to share with you, in order to save you time, here only around three key points to carry out:

(1) location problem

if a traditional enterprises do not know our products need to be sold? Is the service specific people, or people all need? These people located in the country? Or distributed in a certain area? If these are not clear, so there is no need to look down. Once an entrepreneur told me that his website is ready, let me get some traffic. I feel very strange, and asked him, why you need to visit? He told me that the amount of money is expected to visit! Don’t have access to money? There are many sites popular but because there is no profit and eventually lead to closed ended.

(2) generalization problem

actually find out the above problems, we are the next step is how to promote the product out, then it will face two choices: the whole network promotion, LAN promotion.

whole network promotion: if our products are suitable for a very large crowd, and these people are distributed throughout the country, and our service capabilities can also reach the national. So we should face the whole Internet to promote the system. For example, vancl. Its advantages are large flow, wide coverage, can quickly achieve sales and visibility. But the disadvantage is the high cost (the equivalent of advertising on CCTV prime time), the difficulty to control the income and expenditure of the.

LAN extension: if we are only applicable to specific groups (such as male white-collar women), or just to specific regions of the user (such as local hospital), so do the promotion of the whole network is obviously a great waste, many enterprises have not done up. The promotion should be accurate promotion, and strive to be pushed to the front of the site to target consumers, and these specific target users like in the LAN LAN, but this is invisible, we need a little muddled up like look for a needle in the ocean.

(3) website problem

when the network promotion, visitors to our site, then we have to find ways to allow customers to pay for our products. So how to build a marketing site, mainly from the following points:

1 accurate site positioning

2 conform to the design of marketing concept

3 full SEO optimization

4 high conversion rate shopping guide set

5 improves customer loyalty and stickiness


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