Not only Baidu out so simple AT nternet is facing the biggest earthquake

BAT has become the past, China Internet pattern from the "evolution of Ali and a situation of tripartite confrontation" Tencent "confrontation between the two poles, AT era is coming.


Shu Yan Jiuyuan wisdom Valley trend

recently, Ali and Tencent has released two quarter 2016 earnings, as the official declaration of the arrival of the era of AT.

Ali harvest since IPO’s strong growth, the new season revenue increased by 59%, reaching 32 billion 154 million yuan; the Tencent achieved the largest increase since 2012, a new quarter revenue increased by 52%, reaching 35 billion 691 million yuan. Both of the total market capitalization stood at $240 billion.

Ali and Tencent has been far behind the domestic competitors behind. In the second Baidu and other companies, and "AT poles" from across the more than $180 billion in market value. BAT in the volume is not enough to match the three form.

if you belong to the same department of Ali ant gold suit $60 billion valuation, Ali has entered the $300 billion club, and Tencent also entered the global Internet map of the first camp. Global Internet Company’s peak: Google market capitalization of $540 billion, Amazon’s market capitalization of $360 billion, Facebook market capitalization of $350 billion. China AT also got to the poles, "Internet three mountains" challenge qualification.

"hero in the world, only Shijun and ears". The reason why the poles, in addition to the absolute lead in the market value, more importantly, in the pattern of China’s Internet, only Ali and Tencent to build their own two complete ecosystem.

AT but put in front of the two is not necessarily a fight at outrance struggle, in all things Internet era, Ali and Tencent have for our internet life every one entrance set totally different style. This is certainly not the choice of either this or that, but the key problem for users is: after different entrance, guide is a totally different life form. Each user demand for different lifestyle, who will determine the AT poles to account for the upper hand in the competition in the future is largely.

AT era comes, their climbing pole, there are two Tencent Ali development ideas and different path. From the strategic planning and implementation, the "sea" to participate in the international competition method and advantage, analyzes the composition and the core of the ecological system and the corresponding service capabilities in three areas, or we can get a glimpse of the "two entrance", I belong to you every one Internet picture of life.

, Ali, defying the layout, the Tencent in the money

Ali is an important change, from the beginning of the first quarter, the disclosure of financial information in accordance with the four departments, in addition to the core business, the other three part >

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