Exclusive inventory 2014 transaction and the need to make a single domain name

renamed China (eName.cn) January 5th hearing, in the domain name market in China, the Pinyin domain name easy to remember, good website brand promotion, publicity and other multi domain investors and terminal advantage to become the darling of competing, and especially in the single domain spell the most sought after, the price remains high, make a public the domain name of ordinary investors often inaccessible. Now we have to inventory in the past 2014, what are the transactions and the need to make a single domain name.



: 2014 transaction of a single domain name (


1, drug yao.com led millions of high priced transactions

is suitable to build pharmaceutical electricity supplier website che.com yao.com, car rental, investment in the financial sector, the zhong.com tou.com platform to raise the public as well as shopping sites bao.com and biao.com, itself is as simple and easy to remember, valuable single spell domain, and can be applied to the current hot industry advantage, more the domain name is to promote these prices, the purchase price reached millions of yuan high has become expected, the yao.com price is as high as millions of dollars.

in addition, the "new" xin.com, "" zhu.com, "silver", "Liu" yin.com liu.com, "playing" wan.cn more than and 10 single spell domain are also traced to millions of dollars of price change.


figure: 2014 transactions of single spelling domain name (two)

2, single spell CN domain name auction is very popular


opened in 2013 at the end of the CN domain retained beach auction, a large number of fine single spell domain name grand debut, in nearly 20 thousand of the auction in the domain name, domain name spell with outstanding performance, high node shot in a popular domain name welcome.

has a "cloud" of Italy yun.cn shoot high price of 1 million 898 thousand yuan, "play" wan.cn in the more than and 200 round of the auction, by the Sohu for $1 million 502 thousand to swim. In addition, the "love", "ai.cn bao.cn," "tao.cn," Amoy "drama" ju.cn, "car" che.cm were sold for 816 thousand, 600 thousand, 570 thousand, 538 thousand and 522 thousand. Among them, tao.cn is the starting price, grab the 360 education.


figure: 2014 transactions of single spelling domain name (three)

domain enabled: terminal shot ruthless

for a domain name, the best destination is not the domain name investors how high the price of the acquisition, but by the end

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