Urgent notice blog upload pornographic photos will be shut down

yesterday, the Jilin provincial communications authority established according to law and regulation to combat Internet pornography and other harmful information special action leading group, also issued a notice to the network, mobile, Unicom, telecom, China Railcom and other Internet service providers, is required by law to shut down a number of domestic pornographic and other illegal sites, severely punished a number of pornographic and other illegal the website provides mobile phone (PHS) information service charge generation unit.

running the site without registration will be severely punished

2008, Jilin communications management department is still vigorously promote the site access to the real name management system. Set the Provincial Communications Authority rectification six key issues including website access management system is not implemented and the real implementation is not in place; to provide hosting, hosting and Internet access services without permission; not to record the site (WAP site) to provide Internet access services.

Communications Administration: qualification for the access of the hosting and virtual host Internet access service units, and then one by one investigation, found that the site did not record, should stop the access, and severely punished. To provide false filing information to obtain the record filing website has been qualified to close the site and cancel the record.

at the same time, the Ministry of information industry and the Provincial Communications Authority has not yet approved the new Internet access service business entities.

This year

will enforce the forum moderator name system

recently circulated on the Internet, Hongkong artist Edison Chan and several female artist pornographic photos, Jilin Province Public Security Bureau police corps police remind netizens, "as long as is pornographic pictures, try not to move, browse, copy, paste, download and dissemination is illegal."

communications authority of Jilin Province, said: from January 2008 to February, will be carried out in accordance with the law to the Internet audio-visual program website and provide podcasts, blogs, mobile phone audio-visual service units focused on cleaning up operations. Edison Chan personal blog upload pornographic pictures of pornographic information will be shut down, this year will enforce the forum moderator, bar owners, chat room administrator name system, BBS sent after the first trial system.

provide the charges to be "guilt"

for illegal websitesThe special rectification of

from January to September, the person responsible and pornographic information network will implement the "guilt": illegal websites provide mobile phone (including PHS) charges on behalf of the service provider, will revoke its business license, and close illegal websites; to provide pornographic and other illegal information website, once discovered to stop, and access charges, transferred to public security departments, and banned, closed.

Provincial Communications Authority is determined to shut down a group, investigate and deal with a number of pornographic websites and provide access services, on behalf of the toll service providers". Further standardize the management order and business behavior, purify the network environment.

group of false messages will also be severely punished

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