Cool 6 acquisition of U9

      a week without U9, Sunday to see the results shocked, home directly at, and u9, we don’t know which day, each big website has not reported, but it looks like u9 is really cool. The acquisition of 6.

      U9 was acquired either, because I have not been clear about u9’s profit model. U9 core user surface is the Warcraft RPG enthusiasts, although many users, but these people are too casual, easy to gather scattered, and the maximum transmission of Warcraft RPG map is not the website, but, and VS such gallant battle platform, so the risk is quite large. If Warcraft RPG gas, the next batch of core users come from really hard to say.

      cool 6 is not a good game to video website, why buy U9 is really fantastic. Just now the video site is very competitive, whether it is Internet users to grab the hows and whys of a matter. I think U9 should be the most grand ho acquisition, so as to maximize the integration of the advantages of both sides.

      love U9 (flow, the webmaster Liu Liang name, born IT material), he wrote a series of VC love story, love U9 DOTA battlefield, hope will be full of ideas and he exchanges, has not found himself struggling. U9 domain name is now gone, and I sincerely hope that U9 in the future glory still, not just as a sub cool 6.

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