The first site diagnosis will be held in China to promote common progress between websites

In May 3, 2012

15:00-16:00, the first web site sponsored by the Advisory Committee of the world website diagnosis management group will be held in China, learning activities, website operators, site staff, web enthusiasts can join the QQ group: 232483922, to participate in this event.

diagnosis is the world management group (WMG2041) launched an ongoing long-term research and learning activities, from the beginning of May 2012, the site owners volunteered to encourage website owners and practitioners, website user participation, put forward opinions and suggestions of their diagnosis, to improve the website will also reach the common learning Jane. Other objective.

site diagnosis will be organized:

through the Internet Peer Review and never the perspective of professional website user recommendations, Federation of Jane, help site owners to change the site development strategy, improve website design, technology deployment, registration interface, user experience, website marketing, website planning, website brand chain, website promotion, website, website, online services etc. The problem, website and release open diagnostic report.

world management group website Advisory Committee held two plan next week, the website will be released every diagnostic report to the public open, to help more web master, practitioners and enthusiasts to learn knowledge from advice, master the skills of improving the website.

first website diagnosis will be announced

site name: civilized citizen network


site diagnosis time: May 3, 2012 15:00-16:00

held QQ group: 232483922

limit: 200

participation fee: permanent free

site creation time: June 2007

site owner: Song Chaopeng

website: 07 years, Mr. Song Chaopeng is a strong sense of social responsibility for the company public welfare website, aims to promote the integrity, etiquette and moral civilization, and to improve the literacy of all citizens. The highest one-day visit to the site is about 300 thousand (08 years).


website is the first by private entrepreneurs founded civilized public website, and now China Civilization Network (Central Civilization Office founded), our civilization (eight ministries founded) with the country’s three largest civilization site, is also the country’s largest folk civilization public website. Youth online, Xi’an TV, "Shaanxi daily", "Hongkong daily"…… More than a dozen media have reported the site.

‘s main introduction: Mr. Song Chaopeng, Shaanxi Aosite technology trade limited liability company chairman, Shaanxi network alliance "

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