HUAWE should learn from Google spoof Entertainment

      view: HUAWEI low-key as Chinese backbone, in the high-tech market was very scarce and let people see hope Chinese, but in front of several staff Dutch act events but let HUAWEI is very negative, and recently broke new Dutch act events, compared with Google type self entertainment "the spoof, like HUAWEI huodehenlei, HUAWEI really should learn from Google a spoof.

      and as long as the Google involved, is big news; but as long as Google and other news, but eventually let her retreat; the word of mouth, but as usual without advertising media occupy a variety of important layout. "Don’t be evil" Google Chinese lately has a spoof, than human blood Steamed Buns Chinese spoof the first celebrity Hu Ge although less, apart from the people to see the old friend and Baidu enenyuanyuan, also let people taste the corporate culture have a unique style in the engineers like Google children play, a different kind of will show themselves out, in order to explain a different kind of their culture.

      in early 2007 the "fortune" magazine published once a year of "America’s most suitable for enterprise", Google ranked first, because "not too serious in Western dress and leather shoes, not punching the clock service, and employee benefits as well known to all, almost all Silicon Valley Technology are the envy of the work. The unique culture of engineers, the chef turnover has become renowned news. In addition to the work, life is to enjoy, at the Silicon Valley in California Google headquarters, the staff never go outside a restaurant, Google breakfast, lunch and dinner are free, and a variety of excellent taste. Gooogle in addition to the "no evil" three words, does not seem to be too many can rise to the theory that the place of worship, the petty bourgeoisie taste is very strong, giving people the feeling is also very easy to forge ahead.

      mentioned Google, people first thought is Baidu, Baidu engineers culture and almost Google, is also not too serious in Western dress and leather shoes ", but the act than Google more low-key, if we put it with another China famous enterprises than you, there will be some more interesting things. It is HUAWEI, HUAWEI news recently.

      with the Google easy to form a contrast is HUAWEI’s "heavy" type up. As a kind of communication of high-tech enterprises the most famous domestic HUAWEI, with its Pinbo ahead, independent innovation of enterprise image become the representative of Chinese IT enterprise, similarly, HUAWEI’s huge competitive pressure and high work intensity, but also a name in the industry. What makes HUAWEI so up? Its famous "wolf culture" by many people

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