Rob Baidu strongest move using the Baidu MP3 search horse

recently in Baidu search MP3 antivirus software is always alert, careful analysis found that there are sites rely on Baidu’s MP3 search Trojan, powerful. I like the Baidu
this problem reflects several times, and are not the result of 1 weeks, I only write to let everyone see. The situation is this:

if someone online audition this address to the mp3

Click immediately after the Trojan pop-up page, is the use of a


open the web page file bug bar, pop-up address:,

analysis of the source code to find 2 Trojan page:

he checked the domain information, Zhejiang Wenzhou Ling Yu technology:

, a conservative estimate of Baidu included thousands of the first person (that is, the popular MP3 virus Trojan), every day through the MP3 search poisoning estimates more than 10000, do not want this person to take the law as a trifling matter, otherwise it will be playing!

finally attached to his website address
to guide Baidu:
some of their own horse stand and flow station:

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