Analysis of the phenomenon of the nternet in China

      in China, the Internet today is no longer a new thing, but the Internet is still in Chinese several old routines which did not come out, one of the most obvious feature of the Internet is to imitate Chinese phenomenon is very serious, which is usually referred to the trend of the phenomenon is very serious. Of course, it is not bad to follow the trend, but the construction of repeated low levels do not meet the requirements of modernization, huh, huh, huh….

is a personal analysis of this phenomenon:

      the first category, popular abroad, domestic immediately imitate. This kind of imitation is likely to become China’s Internet site on a short but strong, well done can also cause Yifan achievement. Examples like this is more, such as foreign video website after becoming famous, a lot of domestic video website run out, what I am happy ah ah ah, Youku, potatoes and so on to. Do this kind of personal website feel okay but the competition is big, but it is quite expensive. Do not you see them everywhere wind cast? It is not easy to do ordinary people, more suitable for those in the China Internet hit something, jump out of the two pioneering. The advantage of this kind of site is the state of the market is not developed, the space is relatively large, but the drawback is obvious, the homogenization of the phenomenon is very serious, so that you can not distinguish which good point, which site to go to. The root cause of the homogenization is not a deeper analysis of the site, but to apply simple ideas.

      second, the concept of a immediately follow suit. This is similar to the first class, but there are some differences. This kind of site construction also need more level, but also relatively easy to get the favor of venture capital. But this kind of site is vulnerable to heavy pressure. For example, in.Web20 under the concept of blog just a fire, immediately what Sina and other large sites also followed the launch of the blog, they use their own brand of celebrity get full of sound and colour. This kind of site living space is still very large, he made China like blogs, but make their own characteristics, to find their own users, then they will hold up. In addition, there are many other problems faced, but overall is still very promising, mainly to have innovation, or in addition to the concept or concept, it is in addition to burn or burn.

      third category, domestic popular, immediately following. The so-called domestic popular refers to a site with a certain degree of visibility, and suddenly found that he has been popular. This kind of site can mix but mix hard. To know that there is a certain degree of visibility to go beyond some difficulties. The most obvious example is the navigation station, now often no, that’s not right, you know China has 162 million Internet users, even the each accounted for 1000 of the part is very small, and the development of how much space. This kind of site as long as the quiet down to operation >

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