Henan Telecom room inspection thousands of web server shut down

2007 in August 23rd, seemingly ordinary day, but the site in Henan Telecom Luoyang Telecom room thousands of webmaster, it has become a black day. SOE bosses in a word, makes thousands of webmaster have a sleepless night, the thousands of Web sites could not be accessed. This night, the direct losses of millions, indirect effects cannot be calculated.

20:20 that evening, the owners found their website can not visit. Immediately contact IDC quotient purple field network.

we ask why. Purple field has not been notified, but according to the day of the incident, explained as follows:

the same day near noon, Yang Yang Yang Yang received from the Henan branch of the telecommunications company, said the Ministry of information industry found a website to provide information on the site.
immediately contact the site where the master server. This site is that he is a friend of the space, let the school website. He should soon provide information on the request of the purple field network friends. And shut down the site. Purple field network will also be the case of the server and the site and 12:30 points submitted to the provincial telecommunications.
things here can come to the end. Who would have thought that the next thing would be so serious.

to work in the afternoon, the Henan provincial telecommunications company, director of the horse contact purple field, to back up the site’s data. It was later denied that the phone was not recorded. I also remind everyone, remember telephone recording)
download data in a few minutes, according to the provincial telecommunications people just after, the Ministry of information industry and inspection, found that the site didn’t shut.

purple field in the network interruption for the first time, contact the staff of Luoyang Telecom room, the message is: received notification of the provincial telecommunications, so shut down.

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