Ylmf founder CNTV com domain name is to assess

May 5th Lai Linfeng, founder of Dongguan leading Internet companies in the "rain forest wind" micro-blog revealed that he had passed the "Chinese (ENAM E), purchased from abroad cntv.com international top-level domain name domain name investors. At the same time, China network television official announced, cntv.cn (Chinese network television) and CCTV.Com (cctv.com) will be merged at the end of May. Two messages together attracted widespread attention from all walks of life, in this regard, cntv.com will decide on what path to follow? "Said Lai Lin Feng is being evaluated, inconclusive.

micro-blog announced the acquisition of

the evening of May 4th, Guangdong wind Computer Technology Co. Ltd chairman, chairman of Dongguan Network Cultural Association Lai Linfeng, in the micro-blog page announced a message: "people say that good things come in pairs, for the five anniversary of the happiness has not in the past, the Chinese name also came the good news – cntv.com domain acquisition success excited ah!". But Lai Linfeng did not disclose the details of the acquisition process as well as the transaction price and other information.

said a day later, China network television deputy general manager Xia Xiaohui attended the economic development of the Internet Forum in the Yangtze River Delta, CNTV.Cn (China network television) and cctv.com (cctv.com) will be merged at the end of May, two domain name pointing to the CNTV.Cn, while cctv.com will become a sub brand China network television. Previously, since the Chinese network television CNTV.Cn on the line, has been integrated with the CCTV network cctv.com.

a lot of friends will be linked to the above two things together. Netizen big Chen said, along with the national television’s strategic launch, is likely to trigger a round of domain name dispute". Lai Linfeng lightly said in micro-blog, "I see the domain name, the first reaction is: CNTV is China network television, cntv.com should not be living abroad. In fact, the beginning is just holding a try mentality……"

domain name has cited "rice farming" in

China network television (CNTV) as CCTV’s key network projects, but also the first access to the Internet TV license website, in the early days of the line has been widespread concern. Southern Metropolis Daily reporter learned that cntv.com was originally a domain name has 10 years of investment experience held in Latvia, CCTV network television (http://s.cntv.cn/) after exposure, the people of Latvia received more than 10 domain investor inquiry, cntv.com was pushed up to $200 thousand, but then no news, until the Lai Linfeng officially this buy domain name.

unconfirmed news that CCTV in February this year, approached the name of Latvia, to discuss the transfer of domain names, but the two sides did not reach an agreement.

Nandu reporter was informed as early as

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