Local buy network plunged into the abyss or collapse or zombie

group purchase website whether hold live has now become the industry to explore the topic, "IT times" reporter interview, many local websites showing "zombie group purchase group" phenomenon, more close situation. Group 800 released data also confirmed this phenomenon: about 12% of the local group buying site for more than a month did not update, and another 4% of the site to the revision, adjustment, maintenance or other reasons for the temporary cessation of business.

unable to support a zombie

it is understood that the group is committed to buying consumers generally concentrated in a second tier cities, which also led to the local small and medium cities to buy site more difficult to develop. The 800 group data show that the third quarter sales of group purchase more than 50 million yuan in the city a total of 18, and the number of the city’s sales accounted for the third quarter of 70% of the total, while the rest is the 205 city group purchase transaction record sales and accounted for only 30% of the total.

Li Ming (a pseudonym) during the university graduate to catch up with the group buying site in full swing, into a well-known domestic buy site, less than a year has been done in charge of the local site. We used to sell a single seven hundred or eight hundred, or even thousands of very easy, but now a lot less." He disclosed that the company had rented in the center of the high-grade office space, but in order to save money, has moved away.

compared to where Li Ming buy network, the local group buying network situation worse. "We have one upside down, the rest are more ‘zombie’ phenomenon." Li Ming told reporters. Zombie group is actually stop updating the group purchase products, before Wo Wo Group broke the 35 city "optimization" on the occasion, the reporter learned that the Ezhou Railway Station and Xiangyang Railway Station in the web page display of goods are the nature of the country, not for the local group purchase, and always will be the latest message sent to the Wo Wo Group network group purchase Ezhou Railway Station official micro-blog has stopped updating after September 2nd.

in fact, this situation is more obvious in the local group purchase website, Li Ming told reporters on a local company called T173 group purchase website, the home has been awesomely business for rectification of the announcement, no longer updated. Group 800 buy site Daquan connection shows thousands of buy site list, many web site name has been grayed out, declaring the site of abnormal or death.

buy industry continues to shuffle

financing difficulties is the biggest difficulty encountered by the group buying site, the hot pursuit of venture capital institutions have retreated, into a wait state, buy companies have to slow down the pace of financing.

group 800 co-founder Hu Chen told reporters that since January this year, the country has more than 300 local group buying site closed down, and this data is still in a state of growth. He said that in addition to the important reasons of the financing difficulties, there is need to streamline the internal factors, "blind expansion led to the group purchase website before the burdensome, coupled with huge promotion, making"

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