China’s former YAHOO executives had missed the opportunity to acquire Tencent

said Yahoo China District, former general manager Zhang Pinghe accept the Sina interview, YAHOO had missed the merger of the Tencent the opportunity, because of YAHOO’s U.S. headquarters decision makers do not understand Chinese Internet market, in favor of the acquisition of the Taiwan area’s website. Zhang Ping is now a member of the A8 music group, as well as the group’s strategic and management senior consultant. He just quit his job as president today from A8 music, the future hope to put more energy into the cause of angel investment. Zhang Ping in 2001, former general manager Yahoo China District Office, later successively in holdfast platform and A8 music office.

Zhang Ping recalled the original experience in YAHOO, admits that YAHOO was making too many strategic mistakes." I have a few things during his tenure, it summed up some may like a belated effort, but it is a reference value. These four things are: first, when there is an opportunity to acquire Tencent, but YAHOO headquarters did not do, it is a pity; second, the opportunity to acquire a portal website; third, with China Unicom to form a strategic partner. Fourth, with China Mobile strategic cooperation in the mailbox." Zhang Pinghe said. The above four things, and later did not become one, Zhang Pinghe think this is due to YAHOO’s U.S. headquarters do not understand the Chinese market caused by." YAHOO’s core decision maker, do not understand the special Chinese market. In the face of the merger of the Tencent’s original or when the headquarters chose to buy Yahoo, China policymakers watched, no way. There is cooperation with China Mobile, if it becomes, and now it is difficult to imagine what the situation. But there is no precedent in the United States operators and Internet cooperation, they do not understand this pattern." Zhang Pinghe believes that YAHOO was making too many mistakes in the strategy, the opportunity fleeting, missed the back again, it is difficult.

China YAHOO after the merger and acquisition of Alibaba, has experienced many changes, and now positioning is life service platform.

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