Enterprises need to expand the self service website launched A5 service projects

has entered the Internet era, the rapid development of the Internet, everyone is a disseminator of information. The Internet has also become a new carrier for the traditional industries to provide a new sales model and marketing channels, enterprises have set foot in e-commerce. To provide a platform for the traditional enterprise second spring information services. Under the fierce market competition of traditional industries, the market is gradually saturated, more and more enterprises begin to think about how to extend their business to the network, and use e-commerce to seek new development. The corporate website is the cornerstone of e-commerce and provide an important component of the enterprise network marketing platform, the establishment of an excellent corporate website has become the main indicators of all walks of life into the internet.

according to the latest data released by CNNIC this year, China’s Internet users more than 420 million, in 2011 there are more than 500 million of the potential. The number of sites is 2 million 790 thousand. How to say that 1 million 500 thousand of the individual webmaster constitutes the grassroots level of the Internet, is an important basis for the internet. Then the enterprise website is the Internet and traditional industries docking, e-commerce value and marketing value of the important media. In the case of traditional industries to increase the process of information technology, the increase in the demand for enterprise site also further prosperity of the market.

at present, the number of small and medium enterprises more than forty-five million, more than half of the conservative estimates have different degrees of demand. The biggest problem is the contradiction between the growing enterprise site of the establishment of enterprises demand service and website construction business to provide quality services to the uneven in quality. According to the survey, the current site construction market is more chaotic, and for the construction of corporate Web site did not establish industry standards, there is no standardized service. Enterprise website construction market prospect is considerable, but need to reshape the market order, strengthen service quality.

Admin5 Adsense nets as personal webmaster information exchange platform and services, is committed to service small owners also tried to give advice and suggestions of enterprise website construction. At present, the launch of the station’s star system ( force enterprise self-help Station, will provide strong technical support for enterprise site, and the establishment of an orderly market service system.

Intelligent system of

station Star provides a new model of Internet applications, it has changed the traditional way of the establishment of enterprises, enterprises do not need to write any program or web page, without learning any language, also do not need to write or third party management website, each function module provides only the application system powerful, can easily generate a personalized exquisite enterprise website. Allows users to quickly set up their own company’s website in a short time. Save the cost and efficiency of enterprise network construction, can help companies to more money and energy for the operation of products and network marketing, welcomed by enterprises.

the system has three characteristics:

template customization. Users can personalize the site, the site design to meet user needs;

template styles Xpress >

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