Discuz X2 on line today invited webmaster online demo

Admin5 webmaster network March 2nd news, Discuz! X2 version has been on the Internet today, and began to invite the owners to participate in the test. Demo address: http://s.demo.discuz.net, the new version of the screenshot is as follows:


diagram: simple home page


diagram: a hierarchical navigation


figure: attract eye picture version

it is understood, Discuz! X2 to "excellence" for the development of the concept, the inheritance and improvement of Discuz! X1.5 "classic" tenet, "to expand operations" and "load" and "user experience" and "management experience" in several aspects, and build a comprehensive optimization.

its key improvements include:

performance optimization built-in perfect solution, continue to improve product load capacity;

short message to increase the number of multi session mode, and to support the background batch search management;

portal DIY new concise mode, fully open, support third party products to API mode access;

new version of the mobile phone; support for custom rules recharge card system;

optimization product SEO;

group support merge;

features built-in comment function;

posts in the network image download a key to the local;

topic classification to increase access control;

rob floor paste more intelligent;

reference reply and comment fusion improvement;

all support QQ interconnect;


permission control labels, recommended links more convenient;

user login / registration experience improvement;

map support for image mode display;

new posts automatically send red envelopes, post replies reward model;


classification information field is increased by multistage linkage selection support;

"section view" mode to support the display of other sections, group post function;

remind the experience of comprehensive transformation;

word filtering supports grouping and supports large data replacement;

invites registration to support online purchase invitation code;

webmaster background management experience substantial optimization.

Comsenz also announced the details of Discuz! X2 optimization adjustment, the address is as follows:


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