Daily topic hungry for 1 billion financing Take the site can only hit the money

A5 (www.admin5.com) station network January 14th news, recently said it was hungry to get a new round of financing, financing amounted to hundreds of millions of dollars, investors suspected of domestic Internet giant. It is reported that the hungry will in the end of the month held a press conference to disclose the information.

public information, from the Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Zhang Xuhao online meal ordering platform founded by Kang Jia et al hungry officially launched on 2009. In October last year, hungry it announced the number of employees expanded from more than and 200 to more than 2 thousand people, the team sank to China’s 234 tier cities, covering nearly 200 cities.

Prior to

, hungry has completed several rounds of financing: in May 2014 it was hungry to get dianping.com led a $80 million investment and financing; November 2013 received investment from Sequoia Capital led the $25 million C round of financing in 2011 and 2013; A round of investment B round of investment from Jinsha River venture and latitude China are millions of dollars. Class.

statistics show that in 2015 China’s catering industry O2O market size is expected to exceed 120 billion yuan, and this figure was only $90 billion in 2014. However, although the major Internet Co has entered the board, but the current pattern is not yet clear takeaway O2O market. At present, the domestic market is still in the subsidies to businesses, fight the primary cultivation of market costs.

hit the money, has always been regarded as IT giants simple and brutal means of competition, a taxi software war burned one billion of the funds is the best example. However, in the industry view, takeaway is not a simple throw money will be able to do out of the market, is a technical activity.

Since the media said Song Xuan is not optimistic about the blind expansion of the takeaway O2O

focus on the O2O market, O2O is not the Internet industry, the traditional industry is still the main industry, is the slow pace is too fast, easy to cause the problem of large numbers of people into the cause, platform cost and increased training costs, personnel quality decreased.

domestic takeaway platform competition, after fierce thousands of war, the surviving takeaway O2O platform as well as the U.S. group net, Wo Wo Group, glutinous rice nets, the takeaway industry competition, industry insiders said that the domestic market is in the primary period of cultivating subsidies to businesses, to fight the market cost, need to experience transformation of products, technology and efficiency leading stage.

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