bought the food network why give rise to overseas direct mining He uncovered the food business gam

June 14th, a "buy global sell global advertising giant," landing in New York times square big screen, the foil two words "I bought the food network, overseas direct mining cherries direct charter flights to send". The same day, Changning COFCO chairman Gao Ning declared "I bought net landing in New York times square big screen marks the beginning of the world China food business". I dark horse believes that this is the national team in the horn sounded the horn of agriculture, an era of agriculture or will come.


however "buy global sell global" is not the network I bought the original, but learning greatly just shortly before the proposed a strategic slogan, I bought a beautiful occasion to play it.

this article will interpret the following six questions: 1, imported food (including fresh) behind the market warming? 2, "imported" behind what you don’t know the chaos? 3, overseas direct mining "and" imported "what are the essential difference between? 4, how to understand the value of the industrial chain overseas direct mining"? 5, the food business (including fresh) competition? 6, COFCO I bought "create" sharp sword where

?Thinking of

imported food (including fresh) market warming

"foreign moon than the domestic circle" this is particularly prominent in the field of food, especially infant food market. Not long ago, CCTV has a survey in the north of Guangzhou and Shenzhen first-tier cities, 80% of the mothers will choose imported milk powder, and this trend is gradually penetrated the three or four line of the city in our country, the domestic dairy industry is not a good sign, but the consumption trend is unstoppable.

I bought net revenues in 2013 of more than 1 billion yuan, but the import of milk is as high as 1 more than, and as early as 1 store imported milk every day to sell the 5 container 2 years ago, today I have broken 10, these figures are "imported" popular the most powerful evidence.

this time last year, Tmall and the United States Embassy in China is like a raging fire with cherries on the pre-sale activities, two times the total sale amount of super – single 80 thousand, sales amounted to 15 million. I have always thought that this is a landmark event in the industry, it is the scale of the pre-sale model experiments, but also the scale of direct overseas attempt. This activity also sparked fresh domestic import boom, Tmall side in advance and the world of Embassy of the origin of the direct supply of cooperation, actively introduce overseas merchants settled in a museum of agricultural products, is also in the context of a Tmall independent channel "meow fresh", selling imported fresh food.

in September last year, Shanghai FTA extravaganza, this is undoubtedly a shot in the arm for cross-border trade, and a month later, shop No. 1, the United States, Britain, Australia and other six countries held a press conference in Shanghai, pushing all kinds of foreign food imports, it seems to me that this is not a coincidence in time.

independent food, 1 shop should be regarded as the largest domestic food electricity supplier, the last 1 years, the number of stores >

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