After the transformation of the era of network governance micro blog big V how to play

of a group of opinion leaders and ordinary Internet users, network governance officials to combat rumors and "purification action", is micro-blog, or words or high ‘barometer.

"V" cautious, "small V" on the occasion. Network governance, do not let rumors and rumors decreased, the logic of contrast and increase the relevance of speech. In view of risk, the majority of opinion leaders to reduce the original voice of hot events, the decline in the activity of the middle school, the radical more clever use of language skills.

For example,

comparative trial results of cases in the judicial field, comparing the disposal means, do not give up the opportunity to voice political field. With precise, fine, exquisite comment on the part of the small and medium V and public opinion to control the risk of strong "big V" will become the main creators of public opinion. It is a common way to deal with the elements of hot events, and the public tastes become more and more important.

active group deconstruction

After selecting the

network management for each of the five months (April 2013 – August 8 and September 2013 -2014 year in January) the interactive relationship between the 50 opinion leaders and forwarded the forwarded statistics, analysis of tightness between a group of opinion leaders and have high linkage of opinion leaders, mining has a strong relationship (two-way relationship), the core the middle, and biased original or forwarding communicators, and followers.


April 2013 -8 month interactive diagram

The micro-blog

network governance ecology of public opinion, opinion leaders in high density interaction, @ Li Kaifu, @ @ @ Ren Zhiqiang, Xu Xin, Xue Manzi, Pan Shiyi @ @ @ Xu commentary, Bing, and a number of lawyers, as an important node in close interaction relationship. Million to more than 10 million fans opinion leaders occupy the core position, the right to speak of the linkage and influence of the supplement, is still the mainstream of this stage.

public opinion field network governance five months amidst the winds of change, the opinion leaders and the close degree of overall interactive frequency reduced, showed scattered discourse strategies. With high mobility of nodes is millions of fans following the opinion leaders, focused on lawyers, media people, writers and other fields, such as lawyers, @ Yuan Yulai @ Dapeng to see the world, @ @ writer, Wuyue Sanren Tianyou, parts of words less risk of grassroots big V, with humorous scripts, banter, into public opinion the new stirring, such as @ @ V, not too stingy to pull out a hair master.


September 2013 -2014 interactive diagram

‘s down to earth "entertainment" into guanmin common choice

hot topics from Sina’s subtle turn, see the hot topic of change micro-blog. Network governance bring different levels of cold, even. Micro-blog

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