2012 China Vertical Women’s fashion industry development report

professional market research firm iResearch consulting group released the 2012 China Vertical Women’s fashion industry development report". This paper makes a concrete analysis of the development environment, the present situation, the competition pattern of the vertical female fashion website industry, as well as the situation of the industry users and their consumption ability.

women’s fashion website industry group competition

previewsAccording to the

from high to low brand awareness in terms of the vertical female fashion website industry mainly tends to three pattern: the first camp vertical female fashion website to rayli.com.cn, OnlyLady, Pacific women led to occupy high brand awareness. With the influx of capital in the field of vertical female fashion, to promote the industry more mature, the group’s competitive landscape gradually highlights. The report shows, composed by OnlyLady network, bestie woman Chi, posters fashion network CBSi women’s fashion group the number of monthly coverage reached 18 million 273 thousand people; at most, Yoka fashion network, network based fashion fashion group to later, the number of monthly coverage reached 13 million 520 thousand; while Hearst Nast group and Kangtai group respectively to 8 million 350 thousand people and 3 million 560 thousand digital coverage listed in the third and fourth camp. Seen in this light, the formation of the pattern of competition is conducive to enhance the group’s ability to cover the site, pull the brand image, open up the media resources within the group, improve profitability.


industry focused on 80 percent of high-income groups

according to the report, women’s fashion vertical website industry users 68.6% to 80, higher personal income, personal monthly average income of 88% users in more than 3000 yuan, which is more than moderate income; and from the angle of family monthly income after tax, 94.3% of the users in the 5000-10000 yuan. OnlyLady as the representative of the vertical women’s fashion website, the user is generally higher quality: college degree or more users reached 88%, the general manager of the enterprise also accounted for 27%. Among them, the proportion of female users and age is also more young: the proportion of female users reached 72% and 25-30 users accounted for up to. 80 after the high quality of the user has officially become the vertical female fashion industry’s absolute main body, and the user’s ability to consume a strong, clothing, cosmetics products have a high degree of demand for purchase and decision-making.


user consumption ability, easy to be influenced by advertising

data show that more than 90% of users believe that women in the vertical vertical fashion website advertising has a high degree of credibility, and 73.6% of users believe that advertising is one of the essential things in life. As for the type of advertising, half to the user that the advertising products and their creativity more impact on consumer decision making, in addition, 67.8% of users also believe that discount promotions are within the

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