Baidu also defeated Baidu

Admin5 recently, everywhere is stationmaster people talk about Baidu K, plucked the horrors. But there is also a webmaster to see their new sites was collected after shouting, "Baidu collected is effective, traffic cuanshang." But this is a minority. Baidu previously included new sites is probably two or three days time, can now be not included in the two or three weeks. And after the collection should be ready at any time by Baidu K psychological preparation.

recently discovered most of the webmaster is included in the overnight reduced very much, some even more than half, this with Baidu in July last year the new storm and a few days ago a beheading action after a large adjustment, closely related. Using data to show the status of the webmaster. Currently, 52.68% of the stations included in half, traffic and rankings did not affect. 20.54% of the stations included halved, traffic and ranking income halved, or even more. 4.46% of the station included no effect, traffic decreased. 8.04% of the station included no effect, the flow did not affect. 14.29% of the stations have many other factors.

basically 80% of all rely on Baidu, included is the webmaster of the fundamental, included in the site have been halved, the flow appears to reduce the situation also has some influence basically included not only a minority, in other cases, estimates there are many possibilities of Baidu seal. The station is not big influence, are also called as Baidu, Baidu also!

Baidu because there has been no official given that Internet rumours flying below the analysis, some are collected online, only the statements of a school for reference! A possible online said it could be the Olympic Games approaching, baidu cleared some of the data, of course, may hurt the innocent; rumors of Baidu server problems, so there has been repeatedly included, repeatedly removed, and not normal phenomenon, a lot of it online pass; there is a possibility, personal analysis Baidu, may be cleaned up some useless index files, such as N TAG tag files, cause included down, in order to reduce the pressure of the baidu server, the Baidu would not rule out to optimize their own database, but how he cleaned up, how to optimize, it is difficult to know.

Last is the possibility that

will be bigger, but no matter what, from several adjustments of Baidu, for not affecting the original stand high, so how to attract users, get rid of Baidu, after we do the goal and direction of the station. Otherwise, baidu may be a slight change, will lead to fatal disaster! A few days ago the company colleagues chat, he said, the treatment of Baidu K station has been numb. He now has three or four stations, these stations can be described as bumpy. A while ago, even overnight all k finished, fortunately, a few days and received. But has fallen into the vortex of Baidu K station. In the face of Baidu K K and K after finished collecting frequent station, he has learned to accept the reality.

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