Zhejiang court for the first seizure of virtual property finds that the domain name has economic val

According to Xinhua news agency, September, Zhejiang District, Ningbo City, Beilun District Court recently heard two cases of private lending, due to the defendant’s name under the company’s existing property, the court will seize the company’s network domain name

. This is the first time in Zhejiang province will be incorporated into the ranks of virtual property.

it is understood, including the two loan case, since February this year, the Beilun District Court received a total of 6 in Ningbo, a network technology company as a defendant in the case, involving a total of more than 200 yuan. The court found that the investigation, the company name has no other existing property, and a website which holds the largest production of a single product, has a certain economic value, there have been a number of enterprises that passed the initial purchase intention.

court to the domain name of the administrative body of a Xiamen Internet technology company served to assist in the implementation of the notice and the civil ruling, the domain name for the seizure procedures. If the company fails to fulfill the obligations after losing, the court will assess this law domain name auction, the auction proceeds will be used for the implementation of cash to repay the debt.

according to the judge handling the case introduced the domain name right as a new right to the domain name as the object belongs to a kind of intellectual property, usually has a certain economic value, and belongs to the control of the property may be seized by law.

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