Southern Weekend what drugs are sold in the Baidu box

Baidu launched Box Computing platform, on the surface is to please the user, but is actually the most flow in their platform, and foreshadowed the future profit. Which was thrown out of the Baidu search box of many small and medium sites, but fell into a dilemma. For the Internet in different poses and with different expressions speaking, this is a good thing or a bad thing?


Robin Li in his box computing platform sermon. This ubiquitous "box" will change the ecology of the internet. (CFP/)

not long ago, the owner of a music player enthusiast website Li Zuogang found that the site traffic is reduced by about half, while the flow from the search engine to reduce the most. His first feeling is that the site is down right. But the real reason is Baidu’s box computing platform to start.

founder Robin Li announced more than a month ago, the company put forward in September last year, the box computing from the concept began to enter the promotion phase, and announced the opening of Baidu’s Box Computing platform.

Box Computing this concept is very confusing, but for Baidu users, as long as in the box input service demand, the system can clearly recognize this demand, and the demand assigned to the provider or the content of the application of optimal resource processing, finally returned to the user the result of the match.

, for example, you enter the "small game" in the Baidu box, the first search results is a "box", which is recommended to you in the box of several small Baidu game download client and online game interface. You can download the game directly, you can also play online. All of this, only in the Baidu platform to complete.

it seems to please the user move, but so many websites hardly wished to live.

in the past, with the target keyword search, Lee’s Web site in Baidu and Google are ranked first. Box Computing era, Li Zuogang with past target keywords Baidu, found himself standing still ranked first, but is different from the past, followed by Baidu Box Computing open platform content.

is put in the box instead of the Li Zuogang website product content, Li Zuogang sucked a lot of traffic sites. The results of the box calculation, the flow can be intercepted up to 90%. The most affected is a personal website like me, as well as some brand awareness and user loyalty is not very high, must rely on search engines to get traffic in small and medium sites." Li Zuogang told the Southern Weekend reporter, these small sites, the most affected is the B2C site.


B2C website mostly through search engine optimization (SEO) to get more traffic, so Box Computing appears to B2C website are not willing to spend money to those who are called Seoer (help website search engine optimization person) group, but chose to join Baidu Box Computing platform.

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