Let the sun rise from the East

recently did not write, from a deep confusion: China ITBLOGGER, in the end, the Internet can contribute to the development of what? Every morning, a English IT browsing website and blog, the development of pulse feeling of Western network. When they talk about their own Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Apple, we are deeply ashamed. The west coast of the United States and China time of ten hours, when they were still in the dream East has ushered in a new day of Chaoyang, but our Internet is behind the west, not a few hours, a few days, but a few years. Open the Goolge IT news, contrast Baidu Internet news, you will easily read the new smell. I have been fond of talking about some of the news of the country is not yet known, but the so-called first episode exclusive broke the news quickly disappeared. "Because it’s all about them, we don’t have anything". When we are not familiar with their own English, review of Western Internet developments and trends, we just thought: "". We need a second-hand, three hand foreign IT website experience, but "cover their own voice". What is the significance? If you can really provide the so-called experience of the Chinese Internet entrepreneurs, but also the imitation and copy of the beginning of the commission.

(commissioning editor admin01)

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