Alipay WeChat enclosure endless code sweep seconds pay and NFC who is the master

each reporter Jiang Peifang

compared to the rapid rise of the two-dimensional code payment technology in recent years, NFC (Near Field Communi-cation, which is paid in the near field payment) China although there have been nearly ten years of development history, but subject to the long industrial chain, the investment required is huge, and the weak user awareness and other factors, the development of NFC payments has been tepid.

it is undeniable that in the past, mobile phone payment mode, want to sweep yards payment need to go through multiple steps screen, open the client, open the solution of the two-dimensional code page, although consumers can advance the operation of these steps, but after all, compared to the NFC two more steps.

Apple Pay in China will undoubtedly give the silence of nearly ten years of NFC payment to bring a wave of returning to the life, also once caused everyone to pay attention to NFC. As the first wave of the early adopters of the limelight in the past, the mobile payment pattern also is slowly emerging.

– payment dispute: scan code to pay with NFC from the battle to combine with

to Alipay and WeChat payment scan code to pay as the representative, is currently the mainstream of domestic mobile payment. On the other hand, mobile phone manufacturers are also force NFC, have launched their own flash pay, known to have Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Huawei Pay, the latest millet phone 5 also announced support for NFC features.

for businesses, the use of Alipay scan code payment without additional cost of equipment, supermarkets, convenience stores and other businesses to directly use gun sweep code to complete the payment, without the need to update the hardware. Data show that the current Alipay two-dimensional code scan code payment has covered more than and 70 domestic 10000 line stores catering 4 vanguard supermarket convenience stores and hundreds of hospitals.

had earlier said the industry, sweeping code payment technology matures, has formed a wide range of business coverage and user habits, NFC payment as a latecomer, the only advantage is fast. With the scan code seconds to pay in the experience is beyond NFC, the future of NFC payment to catch up with the prospects of the two-dimensional code to pay online will be even more bleak.

is Apple’s $1 billion stake drops, people began to suspect that Apple has a move intended to enhance the rate of Apple Pay, it seems that a variety of Pay as the representative of the flash pay pie, and Alipay, WeChat as the representative of the scan code sent a card battle erupts. However, the results are somewhat unexpected, the real outcome is – and send pie and sweep yards will be together.

May 20th, Samsung mobile payment service Samsung Pay and Alipay officially announced a partnership, users can Samsung mobile phone through the slide way of the screen quickly out of Alipay payment interface.

This is not the first collaboration between

and Alipay mobile phone manufacturers, HUAWEI Pay launched shortly after the new HUAWEI mobile phone P9 and Alipay jointly launched the ">

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