Shenzhen City Public Security Bureau 80 day break more than 1 thousand and 300 cases of nternet dru

police arrested 1600 drug-related personnel

Guangzhou daily news (reporter Tong Dan correspondent Xiao Jingjing) the use of online chat tools openly selling drugs, drug related staff of nearly 3000 people, involving a total of 14 countries and 32 provinces and regions. Shenzhen City Public Security Bureau yesterday informed that since, since April 1st to carry out the Internet to combat drug-related crimes special action by the end of June 21st, a total of 80 days to solve the Internet more than 1300 drug-related cases, arrested more than 1600 drug-related personnel.

drug trafficking gang chat network selling poison

in March this year, Longgang police cracked a drug trafficking case, criminal suspects arrested longmou and several people, seized 2 kilograms of methamphetamine drugs, imitation 64 pistol 1. The police tracked through the line and found the case mainly through the network contact sources, methamphetamine trafficking across the country to express. The main drug gangs through the chat tool implementation of drug-related criminal activities, involving a total of 14 countries and 32 provinces and regions, involving xifandu personnel nearly 3000 people.

in the morning of June 17th, the unified command of the Ministry of public security, Longgang branch successfully arrested the suspect Peng Moumou 7 people, seized drug money transfers for a number of bank cards. Currently, Peng Moumou and other 7 people have been under criminal detention.

coincidentally, Nanshan Branch of the anti drug brigade at work and found that the use of chat tools on the Internet open selling drugs. In June 19th, the ad hoc police in Longgang District Henggang street, a rental arrested Lee (female, 21 years old, Jiangxi people), Lee (female, 22 years old, work in Yunnan), Xiemou (female, 21 years old, Jiangxi people) of drug-related crimes in 3, seized about 3 grams of methamphetamine, drug a number of tools. Under questioning, the suspect Lee and other 3 people confessed to the crime of drug trafficking using the internet.

seized more than 300 kilograms of drugs

in April 1st this year, the Ministry of public security to carry out Internet drug-related crimes in the deployment of special operations combat, in close cooperation with the Shenzhen Public Security Bureau narcotics, police, criminal investigation and other departments, check and control fast and accurate attack network of drug-related criminal activities. The case of drug targets is the Municipal Public Security Bureau to scout as a breakthrough to organized, dangerous and high degree of active groups and the network as the focus, to crack down on the use of the Internet drug-related criminal activities, the special action stage victory. As of June 21st, Shenzhen police cracked the network more than 1300 drug-related cases in the criminal cases of nearly 300, more than 1000 cases of administrative cases; arrested more than 1600 drug-related personnel, which detained nearly 400 people, nearly 1300 people in administrative detention; seized more than 300 kilograms of drugs, drug money of more than 400 yuan.

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