Alipay is the balance of treasure and other financial services group set up under the flag of the an


ant small loans and other financial services group set up under the flag of the antsAlipay

ant small loans and other financial services group set up under the flag of the ants

sina science and technology news October 16th afternoon news, in today’s small differential enjoy the day, the ant financial services group was formally established, referred to as ant king.

according to reports, the ant payment service owns Alipay, Alipay wallet, the balance of treasure, treasure, ant small loan and preparation of the commercial bank and other brands.

for the final of the company name as ant gold suit, ant gold suit said, "the reason for choosing this name, because we are small and micro start, we only for small and micro world interest us, carrying too many small dreams, we love with more peer buddies. Just like ants, although small, but they work together, the amazing power, on the way to the destination never give up."

in addition, the "golden" two words also show that the Ant King is not a traditional financial holding group. The payment service said, "gold service" two words, focusing on services, service not only serve the majority of gold ants "grassroots" consumers and Small and micro businesses, will be to open up services to financial institutions, to provide support for the future of social finance.

ant CFO gold dress well Yin Dong said, in the whole ant payment service business system, payment, financing, financing, insurance and other business sectors are only a small part of the surface, the real support of these businesses are under the surface of cloud computing, big data and credit system bottom layer platform. Next, the strategy is to open up the ants in the underlying platform, together with partners, to develop new financial era of the Internet ecosystem.

, according to the introduction of cloud computing platform for the ants to serve as an example, this platform can support the daily payment of 1 billion pen transactions, with a capacity of 30 minutes of clearing accounts. The cloud computing platform based on ant gold suit, Alipay docking more than and 200 financial institutions to provide payment services to more than 300 million active users and tens of millions of businesses, every year can complete the electronic payment of hundreds of million. The Ant King’s Insurance platform, the same access to more than and 100 insurance institutions, serving more than 150 million users.

well Yin Dong said the ant payment service will hold an open platform strategy, and calculation of all partners open cloud big data and market trading platform three, the construction of credit system, develop new financial ecology of the Internet era, to create value for customers, to make credit equal to the wealth "".


financial services group’s domestic business group president Fan Zhiming also said that the ant payment service open platform will help financial institutions in the era of mobile Internet transformation, from the "capacity" as the core service transformation to "data" is the core service direction, the transition from the sales center network service to the demand for the center data service.


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