Buy site scam 1288 buy network has been investigated by the police

increasingly popular in the domestic buy site at the same time, more and more buy scam was exposed users. Recently, the reporter received a complaint from readers, said the 1288 do not pay after delivery network payment, but has been delayed refund, the police have been involved in the investigation. Experts believe that the current domestic market too much, the website users choose group purchase group purchase uneven in quality, must be careful.

buyers refund was unreasonably delayed

from Wuxi netizen "Shoushou" told reporters that he is in the group purchase website navigation – kneaded to see 1288 network group purchase group purchase information online, online quotes a pair of Taobao at the price of 531 yuan online Korean couples dress canvas shoes for only 65 yuan, I think the price is too cheap, so buy a single one double in May 25th." Shou Shou told reporters. At that time the site customer service said 7 to 10 days of arrival, but life has not received. In June 8th, Shou Shou open 1288 buy site, website home page said the site was attacked, the money has been returned to life in the site’s account, but can not mention now.

has more than 150 members of the "1288 rights group", most users encounter with Shoushou is exactly the same. Mr. Zhang told reporters from Fujian, he ordered two pairs of Adidas shoes and a pair of Nike sneakers in a week ago, a total of 209 yuan, "the 1288 group purchase network delay delivery, according to the website requirements apply for a refund, Zhang order number, amount, Alipay account sent to the specified account according to the website E-mail specify the way. Can start website customer service said their Alipay account is frozen, then will take the money to the bank card account on the site and then transferred to us. Anyway, a lot of tricks, is always dragging." Zhang told reporters angrily.

overlord terms shirk responsibility

in the 1288 group of users in the network agreement, the reporter saw, the site was specifically used by the red marked by the administrator of the fourteenth. "As a result of force majeure or other reasons beyond the control of the site (such as commodity flow problems, website malicious attacks etc.) make the sales system collapse or are unable to use normally lead to online transactions can not be completed or missing information, records and so on, the station shall not be liable, or because of problems caused by businesses the user within 30 working days of receipt of goods without the refund, we will go directly to the 1288 users’ personal account balance in the center, so that the next time to buy the station, no withdrawal function." This is considered to be the responsibility of the site to shirk the king terms".

Shanghai City Licheng lawyer Xia Haibo told reporters: "the user agreement provided by the 1288 site from the main responsibility unilaterally, obviously the website, according to the" contract law "article fortieth, provides the standard clauses from its responsibilities, increasing their responsibilities, mainly the right to exclude the other party, the terms shall be invalid. Web site can not be on the grounds of fourteenth, refused to apply for withdrawals for the user, but also can not delay for cash withdrawals."

began to sell website domain name

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