Webmaster network daily broadcast online advertising platform trap dilemma WeChat charging suspicion


1.QQ and QQ online shopping mall: at least half out be made one seller

Tencent announced the day before the big adjustment, business today, Tencent’s electricity provider business website QQ, QQ online shopping mall after the upgrade of the QQ be made one, online shopping will be strictly screened for merchants settled, once again to improve business access threshold, only about 30% of the original business quality businesses. The completion of this integration, easy fast, QQ online shopping, pat Network will become a Tencent business: fast and easy business direction is B2C, similar to the Jingdong; QQ online shopping business direction is B2C open platform, similar to Tmall; pat Network business direction is C2C, like taobao.com. This means that after the integration of the electricity supplier business line Tencent clearer.

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QQ and QQ online shopping mall: at least half out be made one seller

2 Sina micro-blog beta business marketing tool "message"

news March 26th, billion state power network was informed that following the on-line "fans" after Sina, micro-blog will once again launched a new tool for the electricity supplier marketing message through".

insiders describe, Sina micro-blog "news" is in beta stage, but the product function has begun, after the purchase, the business enterprise can be directed to every fans push two private message, so as to achieve the purpose of commodity marketing, brand promotion.

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micro-blog online electricity supplier marketing tool "message"

3 Baidu or has abandoned shopping community transformation Philharmonic live difficult

Philharmonic live, a magical site. A nearly two years of operation, so that users and visitors can not see the site.

What is the

Philharmonic live why? This question is often thrown out, but the answer is more puzzling.

in the Philharmonic live from the Baidu spin off early, with bright background CEO Cai tiger should be very clear in the direction of the Philharmonic live, "while doing a user interest based on the community, while a group of merchants moved to the Internet, then the community and businesses open, users can benefit from the business, formed a complete ecological chain." But Cai Hu’s idea is too large, the implementation is not in place, resulting in two lost.

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or has abandoned the Philharmonic live difficult

guide community transformation

4 online advertising platform dilemma: deep downturn in precision marketing has been exaggerated

Cookie privacy issues are plagued by third party network advertising platform. Not long ago, CCTV 315 party denounced the media, Chuan Yang, interactive and other online advertising company, so this still depends on the risk investment support industry in controversy.


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