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A5 (www.admin5.com) station network November 20th news, millet and capital jointly announced yesterday, millet and capital to 1 billion 800 million yuan ($300 million) stake in Iqiyi, Iqiyi became the second largest shareholder, this is millet since the establishment of the largest single investment. Baidu also added to Iqiyi’s investment.

millet not only United along for the capital investment of $300 million Iqiyi, Iqiyi also purchased rival Youku potatoes stock in the open market, and to Youku potatoes in homemade content and the combination of investment and production, production and distribution of cooperation.

before Baidu and millet have a lot of cooperation, including Baidu search, maps, input method, anti-virus, etc.. The millet investment in Iqiyi, Baidu’s strong support, but also millet and Baidu’s biggest cooperation." Millet President Lin Bin said. Iqiyi CEO Gong Yu believes that Millet’s investment is highly recognized in the network video industry and Iqiyi value and prospects, while millet is a leader in the mobile Internet industry at present, the mobile phone, TV and other mobile video industry is valued by the entrance.

millet company founder, chairman and CEO Lei Jun said: "millet attaches great importance to the important position in the future of Internet video in life, optimistic about the Iqiyi team and development prospects, millet and Iqiyi have maintained a rapid development and continuous innovation, the user groups and the industrial layout also has a high degree of fit. The millet shares of Iqiyi, the two sides will more closely Rice noodles and 600 million China for hundreds of millions of Internet users to provide more quality services."

Analysys International analyst Roland believes that millet through Iqiyi can not only obtain supplementary contents, but also solve the problem of Internet TV license. Millet and millet flat, millet mobile phone, TV and other hardware sales advantages, whether mobile or Internet TV terminal, can provide high quality channel entrance for Iqiyi in the future, this is more important than money resources for Iqiyi. Baidu and millet through the investment to establish more business contacts is also mutually beneficial.

after the completion of this round of investment, Iqiyi and strategic shareholders of Baidu and millet technology content, product innovation, especially in the field of mobile Internet to expand the depth of cooperation. This means that, after suffering content constraints and the broadcasting regulatory storm pressure millet, from "living the dream" further; on the other hand, millet shares for future Iqiyi IPO to add "weights".

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