Alert Witkey rare domain fake fraud

recently, Chongqing Municipal Public Security Bureau network security alarm disposal center reported by netizens "Witkey" cheat.

with the accelerated development of the Internet, the concept of a variety of innovative Internet emerging, "Witkey" mode is the use of the Internet for the network innovation mode of knowledge management, specifically through the Internet to solve problems and make the solution get paid. As of today, there are hundreds of Witkey websites, provide the task reward in the website, and pay the corresponding compensation to complete the task. Criminals use Internet users not familiar with such a model, part of the site to the task release review lax vulnerabilities, using the new registered domain name or the novelty of the task, under the banner of Witkey banner to attract Internet users, Internet users took the opportunity to obtain personal identity information in advance or pay fees for the people defraud users property.

police remind the majority of Internet users, the new ways of making money online, especially without accurate contact or domain name was uncommon site, to improve the ability to identify, to provide the tasks of the company exists or verification of the company’s registered qualifications through business and other channels to verify, beware of being cheated.

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