Electricity supplier discount shopping guide website volume net was 50 million financing

According to

news, the electricity supplier discount shopping guide website "rolling" harvest is a sum of 50 million yuan A round of financing, the investor is Chinese manage capital, venture capital letter and LIAN three, has been the arrival of all funds.

volume leather mesh "was founded in 2010, mainly to provide major business platform discount shopping guide service, the subsidiary station includes a volume discount, nine pieces of mail, leather leather volume rebates. According to the data provided by the volume of skin network team, the current platform monthly trading has reached hundreds of millions of dollars, the number of buyers tens of millions of members. After the completion of the current round of financing, will focus on market expansion, personnel training and brand building and other expenses.

positioning, volume leather mesh is mainly aimed at the "grass root" customers, provide the price from 10 to 30 pieces of blocks ranging from low value goods shopping guide. The initial volume leather mesh will be strange, so low value goods do shopping guide whether a profit space? In this regard, "rolling" President Lifeng summer to 36 krypton offers three explanations:

1, there is a certain gap in the low-end shopping guide market. Beautiful said mogujie.com has been transformed, Ali focus on Tmall, mainly to support the waist and top businesses, small businesses also need to have a low value commodity shopping guide to undertake.

2, the total amount of low-end market is large enough.

3, low commodity prices, but the actual customer price can be maintained at around 50 yuan.

personal point of view, along with the more inclined to Ali resources to Tmall (Taobao small B more difficult to get traffic), coupled with the degree of deepening business segmentation, vertical positioning of the specific, the crowd is still a greater demand for shopping guide. The guide industry of business certification is relatively weak, "rolling" business certification, commodity inspection, follow up customer service practices, may gradually will become standard vertical guide.

further said that the low value of the discount shopping guide cut into the future of higher profit sales of goods is also an alternative path. One store tens of dollars to sell snacks toilet paper for so many years, slowly turned to the whole category sales. In fact, the volume of the net to disclose that it is also trying to transition from a simple electricity supplier discount site to a comprehensive discount shopping platform. We can reasonably guess that:

1, it may be a simple online shopping guide to the next line extension.

2, may do a part of the self trading business, to talk about their own suppliers, access to exclusive discounts.

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