One week news review the new version of the 12306 online bitcoin site is crazy or hype

1 bitcoin world is crazy or hype?

November 27th, crazy currency bitcoin trading platform in Toronto, Canada, once again hit a record high in Mt.Gox, reaching $1020 (RMB 6252). And in China, this madness has come a week ago. In November 19th, bitcoin currency. According to the bitcoin bitcoin trading platform Chinese largest Chinese (BTCChina) data, the transaction price of 18 days for each bitcoin is 3226.01 yuan, 19 days, then quickly climbed to 6570.88 yuan, the highest price reached 6989 yuan, only one day has doubled, while the terms of the beginning of the currency to bitcoin, appreciation about 90 times a year, become fully deserve global appreciation of the fastest assets.

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2, the balance of treasure of the two generation to come? Can go beyond the impact of the balance of treasure?

December 2nd news, there is news that the balance of treasure two generation "is imminent, or" six arrows "together, Tian Hong, southern, ICBC Credit Suisse, Yi Fangda, Tao Fu, Debon six fund companies will design 7, 14, 30, 45, 60, 90 days for a period of different customized short term financial Ali product. At present, the product has entered the closed beta stage, is expected to launch in January next year.

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December 3rd news, these two days there are two acquisition of news caused concern about the field of music applications. Is a cool music or nearly billion dollars sold to a Off Shore Company named ChinaMusic Corporation. Another news came from Alibaba’s shot again, media reports said Alibaba has a strategic investment every day sounds. But Alibaba group did not comment on this.

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