A big wave of two dimensional marketing attack please note

The two dimension

is considered to be the sub culture of minority groups love, is now accepted by more people, covering from the core group also extended to two dimensional two dimensional pan.

iResearch released data show that in 2015 the two dimension Chinese core users reached 59 million 390 thousand people, the total number of users pan two dimension of nearly 219 million, covering 62.9% of the 90 and 00 core users; is expected in 2016 will reach 70 million 80 thousand people, total subscribers will reach 270 million people.

two dimensional user focused 90 after becoming the mainstream consumer groups, the future of the 95, after the audience is also the audience of these cultures, so more and more attention to the brand of the two dimensional market by the major brands. With these people to social positions, with a certain economic base, the influence of the two dimensional culture and market potential will gradually come out.

according to the Ministry of statistics, in 2014 the domestic animation industry output value exceeded 100 billion yuan, the compound annual growth rate of more than 20%, of which derivatives accounted for more than 38%. Shen small team released data show million Hongyuan Japanese animation industry, its GDP accounted for more than 0.31%, if the domestic animation industry reached GDP in the same proportion, the market size will be close to 200 billion yuan.

two dimension of the content of the demand is very large, mainly because of the scarcity of the two dimensional content. At present, in addition to the B station, Tencent animation platform, the introduction of the content of the law is not enough, for a lot of popular new content, their enthusiasm is very high, which is the opportunity to create a good brand content.

capital have been stationed, many of which the Internet giant figure. Giant layout of the two dimension of the market, making the content of the manufacturing of the two dimension, content dissemination, social networking applications and even increasingly fiery platform.

giant influx of


believes that many people will be surprised when they see the Louis Weedon LV ad in 2016. The protagonist of this ad is not any one of our familiar movie star, but in a real life does not exist in the two dimension of the virtual character – "Final Fantasy" virtual role thunder.

LV creative director Nicolas re explains why Ghesquiè to enable the two dimension as the spokesman of the reason: "reality and fantasy has become one of the thunder as a real hero, is now the new protagonist LV Series4 advertising."

two. Chanel

who knows, we are familiar with the anime "beauty girl warrior", in fact, also combines many of the products of the perfume!

, the daughter of a jeweler, Takeuchi Naoko was born with a sense of fashion, so it’s not surprising to see some of the luxuries in her work. From a deeper level

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