Fans of the biggest guise of economic mobile nternet era

review: in the Internet era, some people regard the concept of "mutual" into "unilateral Acacia", and then make a fuss.

there is no unconditional loyalty.

here "fans economy" does not mean Starchaser consumption. But in the Internet social networking era, some people regard the concept of "mutual" into "unilateral Acacia", and then make a fuss.

the so-called fans economy is a product of the old age of the Internet, the Internet is a social bureaucracy, seemingly novel, innovation, is actually the stale concept invented by the "pseudo concept", and do not stand up to scrutiny and practice.

face the advent of the mobile Internet era, it will eventually become a joke, will be discussed in detail.

Internet will be the most equal, free and open platform for the spirit. The more it develops, the more three-dimensional the human nature presents. We first look at the three stages of China’s Internet social networking:

, 1 times — Zhanshanweiwang

community forum moderator

from the beginning of 2000, the rapid development of the Internet, China began to appear all kinds of community forums, BBS forum moderator era Zhanshanweiwang, enjoy the right to recommend and top right, their personal opinions control one opinion. I had served as Tianya,, moderators, often feel a sense of privilege surrounded by the end of the world community, has reached its peak in 2010, when the Internet 80% hot events Chinese from the horizon, however, comes down. This letter and reply as the main mode of social networking, will be replaced by the new


2, micro-blog’s blog from the media — self defeating

Although the

forum communication content is king, but the spread of the original, is to post and reply. So this "onlookers" and "the rush about telling the news around spreading" for the spread from the media platform, blog and micro-blog, then formed a new concept: from the media. Then there’s the big V". The so-called fans economy is also formed at this stage.

with the fans, for the fans can push advertising, micro-blog first seize the opportunity everyone had a windfall, but also from the broken posterior. The essential reason is: a lot of micro-blog V in order to make money, then no advertising principles and the bottom line, and in the respect of content does not care, it is self defeating. Others pay attention to you, in order to obtain value, and you can not bring value, but also constantly push advertising, then I will shield you!

micro-blog’s advanced nature is nothing more than two points: first, the realization of the rapid spread of transmission; two can be directly to the individual, which is indeed a breakthrough in social. But micro-blog’s development to the end, will inevitably lead to unequal speech. Star fart will be a group of people rushing home fire smell, people also No one shows any interest in which violates the basic principles, the Internet: equality. So the next time is coming.

3, WeChat >

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