Liu Jinge classification of information will become your right hand man promotion

has done so long decoration industry portal, I feel a little tired, because doing this nearly two or three months of the site’s ranking has been in the third page, some in the second page. These keywords ranking has not changed. I am looking for reasons every day, in the end what is the reason to prevent the ranking of these keywords, I am also studying. May be the beginning of some misunderstanding? An article like "the day before yesterday I wrote Liu Jinge: analysis of five errors" decoration industry Web site optimization, I may imperceptibly into some misunderstanding! These things still need to research.

is on the front of the work carried out summary, this article is not to say the focus, this article talk about the key, I think that I do classification information of feeling, there is some skills we do need classification information in the process, there may be some skills you may have heard, you haven’t done classified believe in yourself, you may have to do a lot of classified information. But I think I still need to talk about some of my feelings. I said the following points for your reference, according to different people in different industries or conditions for different operations:

Classification of

first classification information

when you see the first time may feel a bit confusing, it is classified information classification why? Do not waste time? I want to say even we have to carefully classified information, so we work efficiency will be improved. Like I do the decoration industry website. We are divided into several categories of hair classification information, such as: building materials, real estate, decoration, decoration companies, etc.. If we don’t classify, the information we publish will be deleted by the classified information. For example, if you send this category is on the decoration category, but the information you send the property or building materials decoration class. Although there is a certain relationship between them, but it will be deleted. For some of us to sort out the information to have one on one targeted, so that there will be good results.

second prepare information content

I think as our staff in this regard, we may have such a feeling, that is, every day is very busy, very busy, even on the toilet time is gone. However, although the busy day down, found that they really did not do much thing, is simply a busy day. The main reason for this is that we do not have time to plan the work, we send the same classification information is also planned. For example, we are the construction site, then we have to sort out the website construction service to send you some information or articles, finishing a good title and the content of the article, and then is marked at the website, the website did not send. In the end you will find that your work efficiency is quite high. Some even a day can send hundreds of classified information. Although it can not guarantee that it can not be included, but at least you speed up, the number has gone up. So you’ve been doing this for a long time

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