The 20 thousand and 150 most LOW marketing events tear force and meat into the air

Abstract: how to fame, may miss the point their brains. The rush into danger hit edge ball, playing erotic temptation, the mind in a big event, turned into a lot of people think things in primary marketing.


brand marketing occasion, probably caught the high public attention on hot events. But in this one, some take the worry of the people, to become an independent school, play the leading role, but only to be self defeating. Today, together with the inventory of goods in 2015, the date of the road to the ten major (DI) power (Su) marketing event.


1 in the history of the most cattle female hacker


recently, an article entitled "what kind of female hacker was in the double 11 Ma Qiang Yun Dong ban together?" article in the circle of friends fire up. The article in the "female hacker" at the BlackHat Conference (the highest in the world of hackers event shocked the world) published a speech, said the development of the electricity supplier Ali APP crack time system and the Jingdong, and has 3 billion registered users as welfare financing. The Its loopholes appeared one after another. netizens refer to, so naive team are selling


it is reported that the planning of the incident behind the team for an electricity supplier APP, through the pirates figure, P figure, science fiction slice rich imagination, etc., to catch up in the dual 11 Jingdong and Ali during each tear, attract users to download. This entrepreneurial team IQ catch catch. Really want to ask the actress, how much money to let you play this sci-fi drama


goods transit network review: to respect the user


2 trafficking in women and children, should be sentenced to death



in June this year, is a network of Posts Shuabing suggested that the state of child trafficking laws change the trafficking of children sentenced to death in the circle of friends! Buy a child sentenced to life! "The topic caused many users to relay diffusion, CCTV and other mainstream media have reported on the. And careful users found a dating website link at the bottom of the picture, after the point into the website registration page, do not let users find themselves in the circle of friends to relay the trafficking of children sentenced to death, in fact, just to help others make money! Then the company issued a statement saying that its employees without planning and execution of marketing events.

whether or not its employees without action, "sentenced to death" information is a large crazy turn, malicious marketing in make full use of people’s psychological after effects of terrorism, and has formed a negative effect of public opinion.

goods transit network review: the human sympathy into "contributions", the development of offline and then spread, so public opinion also "incitement to death", is really a big ambition!

Most willing to fight in the end of



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