Joint office space a new form of space sharing

a new revolution in joint office is taking place.

joint office in the country is gradually popular, of course, such a new thing is clearly in the North Canton has its own adaptation of the soil.

What is the core of

joint office, joint office must take root in the first tier cities


is not just a place to work


joint office is not a new thing in recent years, in fact, as early as the 90s of last century, foreign countries have appeared in the joint office of the prototype. At present, there are four main modes of joint office, namely, office space, business community, incubators and accelerators.

517 in the creation of the team seems to be more than just a joint office work, but business, including not only the office space, but also should include a series of services provided by the venture. In fact, a lot of new things can be suitable for the first tier cities, not because the city is developed, but rather our public acceptance. A three tier city to do something that may seem to be the only thing in the first tier cities to do, perhaps more suitable for joint logistics and logistics of goods and small cities.

with the mobile Internet is more and more developed, breaking the geographical restrictions and becomes possible, you can work through the mobile terminal application in any place to complete the necessary office space, the future whether there exists, it is because of this, it is absolutely no place or city is the core elements of the joint office.

regression community is the survival of the

is the most important value of the joint office is to gather a large number of entrepreneurs in the community, through the joint office of this service mode, attract different entrepreneurs entrepreneurial community, and focus on creating various value-added services, these services have a greater profit of will and joint office providers.

joint office is not plain sailing

we have a lot of time for entrepreneurs to introduce: perfect service, rich activities, interesting decoration… But… Most entrepreneurs would think here is but most probably it did not actually happen office rent or project incubator. But we also hope that entrepreneurs do not regard this as a venue rental relationship, the joint office would like to bring more people to open sharing. Although many entrepreneurs are also concerned about the project’s competition, but in general, the service provided by the joint office may be more attractive.

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