National husband Wang Sicong micro blog shelling millet marketing and false data by hunger cheat idi

national husband Wang Sicong micro-blog shelling millet: marketing and false data by hunger cheat idiotic

[TechWeb] reported on August 5th news, this afternoon, Wanda Group Chairman Wang Sicong the son of micro-blog millet forwarded a micro-blog employee, and shelled millet plagiarism can make sense of superiority on hunger marketing and false data to deceive idiotic, in addition to copy and fry what will". In addition, Wang Sicong millet staff also said that this name "a face of a small man intoxicated by success" and "more determined to get a black rice."

it is understood that the previously released micro-blog employees millet, millet called and wanted to chat with friends job NOKIA, NOKIA’s high salary leave that much less work, basically do not work, so lamented millet there is no such a good job, to highlight the hard-working staff millet. Wang Sicong was subsequently forwarded and blasted its face "a small man intoxicated by success".

the crowd have said: whether you black people who will not believe you is the act of money. Some netizens also compile new scripts:

: Dad, he Cong millet!…… Dad: buy buy buy……

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