See how users comment on your marketing methods have harassed customers

yesterday on WeChat to ask you a question you are now doing marketing harassment customers? When I put this question out, received a lot of feedback, someone asked the telephone visit count harassment customers? The latest new winter clothing group is not harassing customers? The restaurant offers a mass not to harass



below is part of the user’s reply:

beam: Although I am not using WeChat marketing, but they add a lot of businesses, can be divided into two kinds, one is constantly refresh not stop advertising super hate, and make a sale will send some resources, such as commodity related functions, use what occasionally, bask in the single, what about the recent status of orders, I love the latter.

sea: do not harass ah, because I only have a large area of publicity, information, business cards, a large number of customers, in order to be able to lock customers from the vast sea of humanity.

Zhu Yanji: I now mainly engaged in security industry, telephone and network marketing, targeted for the customers, not just harassment, often listen to customers that day in Shenzhen from security sales call, hear the ears heard…

Ding Chun: brother, I do now is the main way and the shop owner my cooperation, on a mutually beneficial way of doing, there is no harassment to.

Ken: I think the harassment of customer marketing is the lowest level means.

Z: I feel really affected customers, do not know people do not love, I am up bombing in the circle of friends, I was doing the purchasing luxury goods. I know there are a lot of people do this, WeChat circle of friends seems to be the main battlefield of the industry.

more comments can be found on WeChat: liuzijuncom view

used to have a friend to open the store with me, billboards in the way of more, more loud speaker business better, you do not harass users, they even have no chance to pay attention to you, don’t say more over spending! Now I only can bring business customers harassment


has a lot of sales staff to give you the impression that love is not a stalker, the phone is QQ, if you do not buy their products to owe them money, every day that you give money, every day in the harassment of you, so we have the sales staff are very inconsistent. Both the Internet and the sales staff to customer harassment has exceeded customer acceptable level of customers to use a variety of ways to resist harassment, such as cheating (I don’t need), software (advertisement telephone interception), or abandon the use (Sina micro-blog is a good example).

Before micro-blog launched Sina

message sending function, this function is the unique function of media account, the launch is to make users can receive media information, in fact.

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