Shanghai Telecom room was shut down the station began to take back the server

owners in the computer room and security dispute

Adsense to retrieve the server

webmaster call 110 alarm

December 11th morning news, netizens to reflect the science and technology NetEase of Shanghai Telecom, after a room inventory closed for the first time in December 5th, closed again on the evening of December 8th, has not yet been restored, many did not involve pornographic website has been implicated. NetEase science and technology at the scene saw the affected part of the webmaster has begun to retrieve the server. For the re opening of the time, room technician said it is not clear.

room was closed again for unknown reasons

has been two days, in Shanghai City, No. 1600 China Telecom room, NetEase technology saw more than a dozen anxiously waiting for the webmaster.

it is understood that last Friday (December 5th) in the evening of the computer room IP was sealed. Monday (December 7th) early in the morning, the owners have submitted a server user name and password, after the confirmation of the inventory does not involve information, the network to resume.

previously China Telecom position, the site will be a thorough investigation, will be reopened after passing. Those who do not record and false filing sites will be closed, the site will also be closed on suspicion of undesirable content.

, however, so that the owners can not think of, only separated by a day, in December 8th part of the IP was re sealed off, the reason has been sealed so far unknown. Room staff said it received the notification of the Shanghai Municipal Communications Authority and Shanghai telecom.

Hu Yonglong

is the director of the NetEase technology links the Shanghai communications administration office, the other said, "don’t know", then hang up the phone.

Shanghai Telecom spokesman denied Caobao part of the room was closed. At the same time, she said, can be expected to know things to send mail. NetEase of science and technology in 10 in the morning to send mail, as of this writing has not yet received a reply of telecommunications.

It is noted that

is located in Caobao Road No. 1600 affected Shanghai telecommunications room, which is 10 Internet access service providers in November 30th Internet Illegal Information Reporting Center exposure — one of the Shanghai Telecom Technology Development Co. ltd.. The company ranked first in the exposure list.

are all sentient beings to blame?

NetEase science and technology in an interview found that all the affected sites are a network of Shanghai Life Network Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as sentient beings) network access service provider customers.

in the Internet access service, the general mode of operation is that the operator will be divided into different bandwidth resources to its intermediary, and then to find the site by these intermediaries to provide network access. These middlemen are also known as IDC.

in Shanghai Telecom Technology Development Co., Ltd. in the computer room, there are about more than 2 thousand servers, of which there are about one

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