The practice of enterprise marketing Station Promotion


marketing station to do the real purpose is to promote advertising, the company’s products sold out, we SEOER to do is to do the site traffic up, and then click the conversion rate. Xiaofeng lottery website is the main push lottery software, we do website optimization flow is just the first step, the most important is to guide the transformation of the website, is the ultimate goal of product sales. A lot of website promotion methods, paid, free of charge, as to what kind of method here from Xiaofeng lottery website promotion methods and share some practical methods.

here I mainly share free promotion, is standing in the perspective of SEO analysis, SEO’s advantage is that its investment is small, many companies are willing to do seo. Summary from the Optimization Practice of Xiaofeng lottery website, there are a few main points:

1, do SEO workers have the ability to build their own site, so the site optimization process is of great help. We are building a number of Xiaofeng lottery website marketing Station, when a website is K, I can guarantee that there are other sites still alive. This ability is not the ability to design a web site, but to borrow someone else’s site quickly built a website, from the layout of the site to add the content of these two aspects of the ability.

2, select the

platform for the promotion of the construction site, the next is the promotion of the website, the Internet free promotion platform very much, we need to choose the useful, in line with its own characteristics of the product platform to do promotion. If we do Xiaofeng lottery site promotion work, so I chose the platform are: 1) Baidu know, Search ask and answer platform; 2) Baidu library, Douding nets library platform; 3) Sina, NetEase, Sohu and other blog platforms, so the above 3 points is a common industry promotion platform, mainly you can make good use of the platform to do promotion, you are a success. In addition some of the platform is suitable for our Xiaofeng lottery software such as web site, download station, lottery forum and so on, these platforms should be selected according to the characteristics of their products for their own promotion platform.

3 software writing contribute, write high quality soft Wen in the website of high popularity, because of the high quality of soft Wen write need to spend a lot of time, so need to these soft Wen play its biggest role. I write high soft Wen is mainly from the title, the novel theme, content layout, the article is clear and so on. The soft content natural and reasonable do we Xiaofeng lottery website link. Do a good job in these areas, then the soft writing is not a problem.

4, the promotion of classified information website, this resource is a resource shared by most companies, because of the high weight of this resource, included more, ranking good. The construction site is very effective outside the chain. Xiaofeng lottery website on the good use of the resources to do the long tail keywords ranking effect is very good.


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